Our Friends / by Cyle Talley

When we leave on trips- and we do, as often as we are able- we ask our friends to water our house plants. As we have no pets- because we travel with such frequency, and who can afford the kennel fees?!- our house plants have become like pets to us. We've given them names, we care about their well-being, we think about them when we are away.  

Our friends' intentions are good, we know. They mean well, but they just don't provide the same type of attentive care to our babies as we do. Instead of watering each plant a little bit each day, our friends let several days pass and then drench the poor dears. What a terrible thing that they know feast and famine! 

We would say something to our friends about it- really give them a piece of our mind- but they're the only friends so consistently willing to be called upon each time we leave our beloveds behind, and so we say nothing to our bad-good friends, because we do so love to travel.