Hints / by Cyle Talley

 [KATE stands at espresso machine making drinks behind coffee shop counter, MAN walks up]

"Hey! How's it going!" 

"Hi! What? I can't hear you over the machine." 

"I said, how's it going?" 

"Oh! It's good!" 

"I heard you're going to have an opening at a studio?" 


"How's it coming?" 

"It's taking forever to get everything done and framed. Between that and here I barely have any time to sleep for a few hours- I have an americano at the bar!" 

"How many pieces are you showing?" 

"Twenty five." 

"What are they? Like painting? Or--" 

"A few paintings, mostly mixed media." 

"Sounds cool! What's the show going to be called?" 


"Oh! Interesting. Do you get to name it, or is that the studio's call?" 

"I have a dry cappuccino at the bar! We uh, we kind of agreed on it together. It's the theme of the work, I guess." 

"Cool. I'm looking forward to seeing it." 


"So what else is going on?" 

"Pretty much just that. Like I said, between work and here, I'm pretty swamped. Here's your latte."

"Oh yeah, you did say that. Sorry." 

"I should- I should probably get back to work." 

"Oh yeah! Totally! Sorry! Hey, it was nice to see you. Thanks for the latte." 

"Yeah, of course." 

"Maybe I'll see you around sometime?" 

"I'm sure I'll make you another latte tomorrow morning." 

"Yeah, gotta have my coffee. Well uh- have a good day, Kate!" 

[Man leaves, other BARISTA drying cups, comes up to KATE at the espresso machine] 

"Jesus. Who was that?" 

"Just a regular." 

"He's so annoying. I mean, take the hint, dude. Could you have been any more clear about how little you wanted to be talking to him?"

"I feel bad. He's really sweet, but yeah- it's too much." 

"Want me to tell him off next time?" 

"Maybe I'll just hide in the back tomorrow?"