Lost / by Cyle Talley

"Hey, Syd. Syd, wake up. I did it. Mission accomplished. Sydney?" 

"What? Where are we?" 

"Remember how you said that it'd be fun to just get lost on this trip?" 

"Yeah, kinda. Where are we?" 

"We're lost!" 

"What?! What do you mean? Peter, seriously. Where are we?" 

"I don't know!" 

"How long have I been asleep?" 

"Probably like four albums?" 

"Have you stopped since we got gas?" 

"Just briefly." 

"For what?" 

"To help a couple of hitchhikers." 

"You gave hitchhikers a ride while I was asleep?" 

"No no. Don't be stupid." 

"Stupid?! I'm not the one who got us lost?" 

"You said you wanted to get lost! I was trying to make you happy!" 

"We can talk about that later. Where's the map?" 

"I gave it to the hitchhikers." 

"Are you fucking with me right now? You know it takes me a second to wake up. If you're fucking with me, so help me, God." 

"They needed it, so I gave it to them." 

"Okay, no map. Let me see your phone." 

"There's no service out here. Look around. It's just cactus and dirt. There aren't even any telephone poles." 

"Okay, so let's just turn around and go back until we see a sign." 

"Wait, why? You said you wanted to get lost- that it'd be romantic." 

"You thought I was serious?" 

"You're always serious!" 

"Peter, what the fuck?!" 

"I don't understand. Isn't this what you wanted?" 

"Let's please just turn around and go back the way we came." 

"We're already out here. Why not just keep going and see where we end up? It'll be an adventure. It's not like we haven't been sleeping in the van, and we have plenty of gas."

"Peter, honey, please stop joking around."

"Who's joking? Sydney, I don't understand why you're so pissed." 

"Because we had a plan and this isn't a part of it."

"What plan? There's no plan. The whole point of the trip is to not have an itinerary! No work, no responsibilities- sound familiar?" 

"Okay, but Peter, it's the 10th, and we're supposed to be in LA tomorrow." 

"LA? What for?" 

"I can't say." 


"Let's please just turn around. Do you want me to drive?"