Cyle Talley is a writer and musician from Durango, Colorado. He prefers his dog to most people, lives in a tiny house, loves baseball slightly more than he loves the Chicago Cubs, travels with his AeroPress, and believes in the Oxford Comma.

He tends to write very short fiction, though he will, on occasion, dabble with the personal essay. He also posts a piece of flash fiction (he's dubbed them, for better or for worse, "Storygrams") five days a week on his Instagram account, @borderlineobscene.

Cyle plays the drums and sings in the band, English Majors. Their EP, "Tell Me Exactly What You're Thinking" can be heard on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

He's currently submitting short stories to various journals and magazines and, if all goes well, hopes to receive 50 rejection letters in 2018.